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Left: Leif P. Holm-Andersen, Right: Scott F. Schneider was hatched on a 3-hour car ride from Ko Samit, Thailand to Bangkok by two individuals; a Culinary Institute of America (CIA) trained chef and a hack cook looking to create a simple and easy to understand culinary resource for all types of cooks. We are partnering with professional chefs from all corners of the world to create the largest library of online cooking videos. You can meet chefs from all walks of life and learn about their culinary  experiences. You can watch them in action, learning new and exciting recipes. There are no recipes without a video, and all are presented by professional chefs, this is what sets us apart! We have all seen cooking shows or have been on cooking websites, and either the dishes don't peak our interest or the content is limited and without a video. We offer our users an on demand library of video recipes. They can submit recipe requests, create their own online cookbook, follow a chef and much more. If you're a home cook or a chef please feel free to start searching our FREE library to begin your journey to a whole new level of cooking!


Chefs, Why Join


  • 1) No membership fees
  • 2) Create an online resume of your work and begin to promote yourself and/or your restaurant affiliation. Why create and manage your own website, it's costly and time consuming. gives you the ability to upload your biography, work history, picture and of course video recipes. Let us manage the site and help market your expertise.
  • 3) Our Chef's share in the revenue we earn. The more content our chefs upload the more views the site receives, increasing the overall revenue. This revenue will be shared with our chefs based on the number of views their video recipes receive. This is a great way to supplement your income.


If you're a professional chef we encourage you to join the team by registering today!

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