Why is my video not up?

To ensure that all video recipes are based on strong culinary fundamentals, an content manager will review all submissions within 72 hours prior to posting. If there are any issues with your video recipe you will receive a notice advising you of the status of your submission.


What kind of issue may delay my posting?

Your posting maybe delayed if further editing is required. They may also be declined if the content was deemed to be inappropriate or of poor quality.


Why does my Video Recipe look different on the Site?

During the review of your video recipe our team of content managers will do a series of standard checks prior to posting. These may cause us to enhance the quality of your video and audio or cut out dead footage. In rare cases if content is exceptional but editing is poor may reedit your submission to improve its overall quality.


Why can’t I submit a recipe for a specific Dish?

At we believe in creating a high quality diverse library of content. We will only post 3 to 4 video recipes for the same item. Our goal is to keep the public interested by having a broad range of content and not confusing them with to many choices of the same dish.