Making Your videos

The video and tips below are design to help you better understand how to make a quality video for is a great venue for you to showcase your culinary skills, please keep the following items in mind when creating a video;

Video skills:

  • Look into the camera
  • Ensure you focus on the cooking skills. Do close-ups if you can.
  • It’s important to allow your personality to come through, smile & be yourself. Have a good time!!
  • Speak slowly & clearly.
  • Keep your total video to less than 13 minutes, cut out unnecessary footage.

Talking points:

  • Begin by introducing yourself, your culinary affiliation and the dish you will be making.
  • Please use the following finish line: Thank you for watching I am Chef "Name", Lets Get Cooking.
  • If you use culinary terms be sure to explain them. Remember your viewers will have varying skill levels.
  • Please DO NOT use profanity. Your video will not be posted!

To view examples of videos please reference Chef Scott Schneider’s videos. If you have any questions please contact us at

Thanks for partnering with and we look for to your submissions!