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Chef Kfir grew up in Israel. Culinary inspiration came at an early age when Kfir watched his grandmother prepare strawberries and apricot jams, and chopped liver beautifully presented on a plate surrounded by crudités of all possible colors. At home his mother would prepare real banquets for the holidays that were a feast for the eyes. When he was ten, Kfir asked his father why he was paying so much for a bottle of wine when he can get for the same price a dozen of coca-colas. His first visit to the wineries on the mountains surrounding Jerusalem, watching the delicate process of production, and tasting the rich and flavorful cabernets, helped clarify things for him. This realization turned into a passion, and through visiting wineries all over the world, from Chateaux Cheval Blanc, Bordeaux, to Trapiche in Mendoza, Argentina, Kfir became a dedicated wine collector. After completing three years of military service, he decided that it was time for the trip of his life: one year traveling in South America. During his travels, the passion for food and the culinary world increased. Exotic juices made of fruits unknown to him were his favorites in Colombia, and a fully loaded parrilla (grill) in Uruguay is until today the best grilled meat he has ever tried. In another trip to the Seychelles Islands, he was further exposed to sea life and more exotic products. When returning to Israel, he realized that the memories that he had brought back were all somehow connected with food. That understanding came at a good moment, because it was just the time to decide what he wanted to do next. Kfir decided that he would be a chef. For that, he understood, he needed to learn from the best chefs in the world, and France was the obvious place to find them. Kfir chose the Institut Paul Bocuse as his mentor school, and as the millennium started, he started his studies at Chateau du Vivier in Lyon, the culinary capital of the world. “The opportunity of learning from the best chefs in the world doesn’t have a price”, he would say. He was fortunate to have his five-month practice in La Mere Brazier, one of the most traditional Lyonnese restaurants, 2 stars Guide Michelin, and that experience complemented the curricular education with the best possible skills. After completing with distinction the two year program at Paul Bocuse he was accepted for an internship at the renowned Relais Chateaux, New York Times 4 star restaurant, Daniel. 2003 was time of consolidation, he got married and finished his internship at Daniel. It didn’t take long before he received an offer to work as a head chef in a restaurant in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. After one year in the chef position, Paradou Restaurant found him. Located in the Meatpacking District, the trendiest area in New York City, Paradou offers French Provencal cuisine created and inspired by Chef Kfir. His signature Confitures that pair French cheeses, and his Foie Gras en Torchon – secretly prepared - are just few examples of creativity and delicacy, which help to explain how Kfir, in only few months, turned Paradou into a success. The opportunity to work as an executive chef in the restaurant capital of the world before turning thirty is a dream fulfilled. The diversity in products, flavors, climates and regions profoundly marks his cuisine: French techniques, accented by Israeli flavors, and influenced by exotic products from all over the world. “There is something tasty in every single corner of this world, and my kitchen wants to have it all”.

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