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Coram, NY United States

At age 12, Chris Singlemann was already cooking for his family of nine. Born in Queens, New York, Chris spent summers in Pennsylvania with his grandfather, a chef who taught Chris how to cook.  Two of his brothers also became chefs.  So when Chris headed to Johnson & Whales for culinary school, it wasn’t a surprise. Today, he’s executive chef of Watermill Caterers in Smithtown, New York. If Chris isn’t cooking at Watermill, chances are he’s at a culinary competion—often pastry contests.  Here hs displays whimsical, dramatic showpieces of molded chocolate and pulled sugar that reflect detail indicative of hours of labor and concentration. “I have always had a love for working with chocolate and sugar,” explains Chris. “It was a chance to show off my artistic ability.” Not only do competitions offer a venue to showcase talent, but they also enable Chris to keep in step with industry trends. (And maybe all the sugar pulling practice is why he’s so deft at stretching mozzarella.) He brings what he learns back to his staff. “To be a good chef requires much more than cooking skills. You need to be able to work under extreme pressure, have strong organizational skills, leadership ability and the capability of motivating your staff to stay at peak levels.”