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Philadelphia, PA United States

My name is Dan D’Angelo and I was born and raised in Philadelphia. My family was in the restaurant business for 45 years up until we closed in 2005. I worked there as well beginning at age 6. The business started in 1960 from a steak and hoagie shop to a full restaurant and bar. The business was so successful that we started a catering business at another location in 1986. I went to a Catholic grade school and I was into theater and music. I then went to a Catholic high school and graduated in 1980. I went to Widener University for hotel restaurant management since the entertainment industry does not always offer a secure way to earn a living. After two years I wanted to get more hands on so I decided to go to the Culinary Institute of America. Upon graduation I went to Arizona and worked for a year and a half. I moved back to Philadelphia in 1988 and got a job with Chef Angelo Romano who owned the Jefferson House Restaurant in Norristown, Pa. The chef was great and he was the person who got me in the involved in the ACF where I meet Chef Tom Macrina. While I was working at the Jefferson house I started to work with the family business on a part time basis. I did not want to go right into the family business because I had a lot to learn. In 1993 I started to teach at The Community College of Philadelphia thanks to Chef Tom Macrina. After 4 years of teaching I then worked with the family full time and continued to teach. In 1998 there was a new culinary school opening and the director was ACF member Chef Mike Baskett. I was hired by him to teach at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I continued to work with the family full time and teach. When we closed the family business I went to work full Time at the school and I can honestly say I love what I do. During that time I was fully involved with the local ACF chapter. Over the years I have served on many different board positions and I finally got my BA in Culinary management. I am now the President of the Chapter and totally involved in the food industry.