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Oklahoma City, OK United States

Donn Ovshak C.E.C. was born in Milwaukee, Wi. His family being in the restaurant business, drafted Donn at the age of 12 for dish duty, busing and eventually cooking at 14. Moving up through the ranks in fast food then transitioning to fine dining at the age of 21 was promoted to a sous chef position, this after mastering all stations at a very popular and busy fine dining establishment in Missouri. Always having a thirst for knowledge and a love for the culinary arts Donn applied and was excepted the one of the finest culinary training facilities in the world, The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York. Graduating in 1989. During his externship Donn worked under “Chef Tell” Earhardt at his Cayman Islands restaurant in George town, CI, British west Indies. Notables; *In 1982 Donn cooked a luncheon for President Regan when he was in Columbia ,Mo. *Graduated from The Culinary institute of America 1989. *Founded The Fox Valley Cheese Cake Company 1990. *Certified through the American Culinary Federation in 1996 as a Certified Executive Chef “one of about 6000 in the world”. *Executive Chef at Vicar’s Landing one of the top rated assisted living facilities in the south east. *Executive Chef at The Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles. *Executive Chef at the Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena, Ca. “The nations oldest comedy club, fun times! *Produced several cooking show pilots “Stand Up & Grill”. Hope to produce more! My first Cook book is now available through iTunes designed for the iPhone and iTouch, "North Hollywood Low Carb Cooking" available Other interest and hobbies: Trading the Bond market, mainly the 30 and 10 year note. Acting, Screen Actors Guild member, appeared on over 100 television and about a dozen movies, mostly unaccredited, equivalent to minimum union wage work, interesting experience though. Exorcise, swimming hiking, martial arts “Wing Chung” My wife and I moved to Oklahoma City from North Hollywood, Ca. in November 09 specifically to work at The Midwest Regional Medical Center as their Executive Chef. Focusing on the health care end of the culinary world I hope to make a difference to the over all quality of the food and service. It’s a huge responsibility cooking for those who need proper nutrition. I find cooking in this environment so much more gratifying than a fine dining restaurant. I often tell my staff “If you were in the hospital having maybe the worst day of your life or possibly your last, what would you want? What would make you feel better? Frozen vegetables and entrees out of a box, or fresh properly cooked home cooking? I love going to work each day knowing I can make someone feel better through my cooking. Thank you so much!