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New York, NY United States

Jehangir Mehta is the chef from Graffiti, NYC and the Duane Street Hotel restaurant Mehtaphor.

With whole-hearted support from his family, Mehta first studied food and cuisine at the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering, Technology and Applied Nutrition in Mumbai before pursuing his passion further at the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY.

His first job was at L’Absinthe in New York in 1996, then onto a position at the Typhoon Brewery, where he worked as pastry chef to the brilliant James Chew of Vong fame. Next was a logical jump to Jean-Georges in 1997. The following year, Jean-Georges Vongerichten chose Mehta to open his new restaurant, Mercer Kitchen, which quickly rose to become one of the hottest destinations in New York.  After the fast-paced work profile at Mercer Kitchen, Mehta opted for a change. And that change was Rocco di Spirito in Union Pacific in 1999. In 2001, he joined Didier Virot (fellow-chef at Jean-Georges) who was opening his own restaurant. By the end of his short, yet highly acclaimed stint with Virot, Mehta carved a niche for himself in the business. His reputation for creating out-of-the-box, unorthodox and delicious desserts was further cemented after a stint as pastry chef at Compass. During this time, he extended his partnership with Didier Virot, and opened the Upper West Side culinary destination Aix in 2002.

At Graffiti, Mehta presents food that is inspirational. His compact 50 square feet restaurant produces some of the most exciting dishes New York has ever tasted. Acclaimed for his global cuisine skills, Mehta has been featured in the Vogue and the New Yorker apart from other mainstream food magazines. He has also been a guest on television programs including Martha! and Food Network.

In 2009, Jehangir was pitted against Iron Chef Morimoto in “Battle Coconut” in the Iron Chef America contest. He subsequently participated in the next ‘Iron Chef’ contest on Food network where he was adjudged the runner up and received acclaim for his signature style and creativity.

Jehangir’s cultural ties influence him deeply and at Mehtaphor he shows a further extension of his personality and his cooking style.