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East Hampton , NY United States

Chef John was born in Durham, North Carolina but grew up in Central Islip, NY. After college, he spent 2 years in Kenya and Tanzania and eventually settled in the Hamptons. Since John was a teenager he had an interest in food. His parents were great cooks - they always instilled that one should eat well, if nothing else! No matter the time or place, if John is hungry and there is food to be found, he can always make something to eat. In his heart he is a "refrigerator cook" - he can always rustle something up whether simple or fancy. He describes his work style as fun, "team work" is a must and a chef is only as good as the crew working for him, my crew knows I respect them as people first and foremost, then I respect what each of them brings to the table, as do they." His greatest accomplishment is being the Executive Chef at Montauk's most popular restaurant, The Harvest on Fort Pond. Having worked there for over 15 years has enabled him to do many things he never dreamed of. Having a family, traveling, friends, and the wonder of learning from everyone and everything around him is just the tip of the iceberg. John's newest adventure is East by Northeast, the sister restaurant to the Harvest, where he hopes to have even greater success.