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Originally from the south, at age 11 my family moved to Minnesota, the land of white people and white food – white bread, white gravy, and white meat. This is a place where rosemary is "spicy." I learned to cook in self-defense. “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” volumes I and II were my best friends, unlocking the key to yeast bread and other goodies. I made cassoulet, pate and all kinds of things my white-bread family wouldn’t eat, preferring frozen pot pies, Ragu, and chocolate chip cookies. When my Minnesota sentence was up, I continued my culinary quest in California, discovering fresh – not canned and gray –vegetables, chinese food, and WINE. Culinary school taught me how to use a knife and the (til now) hidden secret to fresh herbs. The world opened up. I traveled the world learning from Italian and Bulgarian grandmothers, a talented French man, Vietnamese villagers, and my cousins in Yemen and Turkey. "Show me how to make that" gave me a kitchen pass all over the world. Now, I cook whatever I dream up, often favoring Italian, but a hot summer day often begs for a Bulgarian shopska. Fusion on the Fly Catering in Manhattan is my current business.