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Maria Campbell is one female chef that’s not afraid to go up against the boys! Maria started her career by attending Delhi College of Technology in Delhi NY, where she earned her bachelors degree in Culinary Arts Management. During her college career she became devoted to American Culinary Federation student culinary team competitions, demonstrating her passion for perfecting her skills in regional & national arenas in front of certified chef judges. She later apprenticed for Master Chef, Edward Leonard in Rye, NY where she lived on premise at Westchester Country Club for two years. After her completion of the program, she opened an off-premise catering company with her husband, and father-in-law, also chefs. Her personal life is surrounded by the food business. Later an opportunity of becoming a culinary educator was offered at the Community College of Philadelphia and the Art Institute of Philadelphia; where she has been teaching for three years. She is constantly serving the industry public by voicing, joining, or heading various committees hoping to inspire others along the way. According to Maria, when it comes to the kitchen, you’ve got to be tough, “You have to handle yourself almost in a masculine way… and when you leave you do your hair and your makeup and become a woman again”. For the future, it is Maria’s mission to further develop her students abilities at her affiliated cooking schools, to help them discover their career path in the various culinary and hospitality profession facets. She continues to involve herself in various ACF professional chef programming to promote support for the youth and up-and coming local chefs, and the hospitality industry. Recently Maria has earned a Presidential Award from the Philadelphia Chapter for her leadership achievements. When she is not performing the duties of Education Chair for the chapter, she is designing new ways to connect young professionals to the industry by creating an online viewing program called, “The Chef Sessions”. For this committed endeavor, she was recognized by the president of the ACF by receiving the “Cutting Edge Award”, for which she was the youngest woman to receive it. Maria says, "I am passionate about my involvement in the American Culinary Federation.... It is wonderful to be a chef instructor and to have available at my fingertips a wide array young culinarians seeking instruction in the different art fundamentals; studying sanitation rules, flavors, influential cuisines and textures. Over time you discover that each student who has achieved this knowledge is now an exemplary job-ready professional. Its an incredibly proud feeling to know you have assisted them in their new founded path.'" She believes that you should constantly challenge your abilities and you will unfold another dimension to your career.