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New Orleans, LA United States

A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Chef Mars came to New Orleans more than a decade ago after training at the renowned restaurant Biba in Boston under Chefs Lydia Shire and Susan Regis. Positions in the kitchens of Emeril Lagasse, Susan Spicer, Scott Boswell and Gunther Preuss preceded his arrival at Louisiana Bistro in 2003. 

Creative with a camera as well as a saute pan, Chef Mars' first career was as a photojournalist. After earning a degree in Journalism from the University of Illinois, he worked for a variety of newspapers around the Midwest. It was during this time that he first visited New Orleans and fell for its creative energy, relaxed atmosphere and unique cultural blend. When it came time to leave photojournalism "I turned my hobby into my career and my career into my hobby." 

"In culinary school, other students and I would daydream about our upcoming careers. Some wanted to be tv chefs. Some wanted to head snack food corporations and get rich. Most wanted a popular restaurant with lots of great reviews.... I wanted 40 seats in the French Quarter. Small enough so I could make everything on the plate. I didn't want to be the guy who supervised the guy who supervised the guy who made the food. I wanted to cook! It's unbelievable how perfectly that matched with this place." 

His refreshing and energetic approach to New Orleans Creole Cuisine shows. While concentrating on local ingredients and traditional concepts, Mars also adds a creative twist to his dishes that brings a surprise to every plate!