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Rochester, NY United States

My culinary journey goes back twenty plus years starting in my family’s neighborhood grocery store and deli, which was attached to our house. My curiosity started as I watched my dad making his prized, homemade Italian sausage in the walk-in cooler. He explained to me, “We have to keep the pork very cold to make good sausage.” I soon had been trusted with a knife to help de-bone the pork butts, and a meat mallet to crack the large, green, Sicilian olives for the olive salad, and a junior chef was born.

After fifty plus years of my family’s grocery store being open, sadly it was time to close the doors as bigger grocery chains and competitors moved into town. Shortly after closing, my father rented the space to a local family who opened a small, Italian, neighborhood restaurant. Since the restaurant was such a short commute, I found myself always wanting to hang out there to see what was going on in the kitchen. When I was old enough, I started on the salad station, and later advanced to cooking the pasta to order – a really big deal for a kid with a genuine passion for food and the drive to want to keep on going!

After graduating from high school, I continued working in the Rochester, NY area in hotels and private clubs. Great chefs and mentors fostered my tremendous passion for food and helped me work my way up the ladder to sous chef, then to executive chef. I joined the ACF (American Culinary Federation) in 2001 to further my career through competitions, certification, and community involvement. Named the 2008 Chef of the Year, I am currently the president for the ACF Rochester Chapter and am the Executive Chef at Brook-Lea Country Club in Rochester, NY. I hope you enjoy my recipes.