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Houston , TX United States

Russell Roegels is the Owner and Master Smoker of Bakers Ribs in Houston Texas. He is a Texas native with over 16 years in experience in the art of smoking meats. His philosophy on smoking is very simple. Great quality meats and a simple spice rub yields the best results. These results can be seen on his patrons faces everyday. Russell says stick to the basics and you can't go wrong. Slow smoking your products until they're fall off the bone tender will always keep his guests coming back for more. While watching Russell in his smoke house he seemed so relaxed tending to his products rotating and checking his high quality meats knowing the stampede of customers was only minutes away from filling his dinning area.

Russell is also a avid Sky Diver and Sky Diver Videographer. This now explained his relaxed state, getting ready for a busy lunch rush. No matter how busy it gets a Bakers Ribs in Houston Texas I'm sure it doesn't come close to the rush of free falling from 16,000 ft.