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Bangkok, Thailand

Chef Nusi was brought up in Narathiwat Province, located in the Southern part of Thailand, where his parents ran a small restaurant and food business. His involvement with the food business began almost as soon as he could walk, by helping out in the kitchen.

Nusi's first job was as a chef's assistant at different local restaurant in the south of Thailand, where he learned the ins and outs of Thai  Cuisine. In 2005 Nusi moved to Bangkok, where he studied at a local Culinary Arts school. He opened the Silom Thai Cooking School in Bangkok later that same year, in a Bed and Breakfast just off of Silom Road, close to Bangkok's financial and entertainment centers.

Chef Nusi's school was soon noticed by Lonely Planet, and other online and print travel guides, which wrote about it, and he has since appeared in many travel books and guides, a documentary film, and Newspapers from many countries. Due to a growing clientele Nusi moved the school twice to larger locations, all in the same general area. Chef Nusi's "Silom Thai Cooking School Cook Book" is currently in production.

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