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Wilmington, DE United States

My name is Albert Driver, a 32 yr old chef from Wilmington, Delaware. Got my start at age 15 as a dishwasher/porter, and have spent the last 17 years dedicated to learning; promoted to the line at age 16. Took my 1st executive chef position before attending culinary school. My entire life is dedicated to my passion for food, and giving my clients & family a joyous & memorable experience. There is much more to being a chef than just cooking ability. I've worked every position in the business. Dishwasher, garde manger, chef de parti, sous chef, executive sous chef, chef de cuisine, executive chef, server, host, bartender, and porter. If I didn't learn something new I didn't have a great day. I have lived a colorful life with many twists and turns, yet I always forged ahead, honing my skills. My 2 simple goals are to become a restaurateur, and to see nothing in my dining room except smiles and empty plates, next to full glasses. If you have something unique to teach, by all means share it please and I will do the same in return. I attended the Delaware Technical and Community College culinary program for associate degree. God put me here for a purpose - to learn and share what I learn, and to serve my community. In my spare time, I enjoy catch-and-release fishing, and trail-hiking/rock-climbing. My favorite cooking books are the "French Laundry" by Thomas Keller, "Kitchen Science Explained - What Einstein Told His Cook" by Robert L. Wolfke. My favorite kitchen tool is my Mundial wetstone (you don't need to spend $500 on a chef's knife; a $60 knife will do fine if you keep it sharp:)