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St. Louis, MO United States

I have always had a passion for food and cooking, even as a child. I remember helping my mom with her catering business when I was in my teens. Even going out to dinner with the family, the servers would be in awe over what I would eat. As a toddler my favorite foods were French onion soup, mushrooms, beets and creamed spinach. I remember my German grandparents cooking and my dad is Greek. I always liked trying to cook new Greek dishes. Now Greek food is a staple for me. I have been told by a Greek grandmother that my dolmades are as good as hers.


As a single mom, I have always worked in restaurants. I have entertained different positions in the restaurant industry but always wanted to be in the kitchen. I would even come in and help the chefs prep in the afternoon and serve at night.


I was excited to hear of new culinary school opening in St. Louis. I immediately enrolled and received my degree from the first class at L’ecole Culinaire, St. Louis. I felt like I finally was doing what I was supposed to do in my life. Throughout culinary school I worked as a server, worked in the kitchen part time, served as a school ambassador and did my homework with my daughter at night. Upon graduating, I traveled to the South of France and was able to intern with Master Chef Renee Berard, in his hotel restaurant.


I was selected by my culinary school to do televised commercials and cooking demonstrations on local news channels. After graduating, I was asked to do a commercial for L’ecole. I was comfortable in front of the camera and decided I wanted to somehow combine food and TV. In recent years I have presented televised cooking demonstrations on “Great Day St. Louis” and “Sauce on the Street” and other television venues. In addition, I have written food articles and recipes for local food magazines such as “FEAST, “Sauce” and the "St. Louis Post Dispatch”.


Over the years, I have experienced many roles in the restaurant industry from a server to an Executive Chef. I have worked for an array of eateries from an upscale market, a deli, a hip lounge/restaurant. I have had a great sense of experience and diversity this way.


I am looking for an opportunutity that will provide creativity and career growth. My management experience and life experience will lend me the upper hand to thrive with the right team.  I’m encouraged by achievement and I feel success is inevitable.