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Chef Cal DeMercurio's passion for cooking was born as a small boy in the kitchen at the feet of his grandparents, watching them prepare meals for large family gatherings. He just had to see what was going on in the kitchen! That mystery and excitement, instilled at such a young age, led to much of his desire in life to have fun and experiment in the realm of cooking. Cal was about nine years old when he decided that he wanted to become a chef. In junior high, being the first one home before dinner time, he would follow his mother's instructions for preparing the family's evening meal that they would all share together, gathered around the dining room table. As a teenager he took every job he could get working in a restaurant, even if it meant not getting paid. He would wash dishes just so he could be in the kitchen and watch the chef work. He enrolled in a plethora of cooking classes and began working his way up through the ranks from dishwasher to executive chef and restaurant owner. Chef Cal draws many of his skills from his Italian heritage. He was also trained in French cooking and has traveled through several countries learning about new flavors and techniques. He incorporates those influential culinary traditions from around the world into his work and infuses precise techniques with creative flair. His success can be attributed to his many years of study and hard work, combined with an innate ability to create dishes with both depth and elegance that still evoke the simple pleasures and warmth of home cooking. Chef Cal is a Certified Executive Chef with the American Culinary Federation and is the president of the ACF's Northern California Chef's Association. He is also a culinary instructor for the Shasta Culinary Arts ROP.