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Charlotte, NC United States

Carlo Martinez worked in restaurants for twenty years, starting at the very bottom and working his way up. From dishwasher to now owning six restaurants with two other partners. He is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education of New York City. His extensive food service education of twenty years of hands-on food industry experience has proven successful for his Directory of Culinary Operations role for Hawthorne’s Holding Group. His varied experiences include working in the hotel industry, retirement establishments, and different ethnic restaurants, as well as in each station of a commercial kitchen. Immediately preceding his position as Head Chef and Kitchen Operations Manager for Hawthorne’s NY Pizza and Bar. Carlo was Head Chef for Adams’ 7th Street Market. His development of the delicatessen’s catering menu increased the catering business by 30% within a six-month period. He transitioned to his current position at Hawthorne’s NY Pizza and Bar for its opening in 2004 to begin developing authentic New York style signature salads, sauces, pastas, pizza, and other Italian dishes. Carlo continued his culinary education by training for two months with a well-established Charlotte, NC Italian restaurant owner prior to beginning his new role at the first Hawthorne’s NY Pizza and Bar. He calls upon his previous food industry experiences, as well as research in culinary publications, to create his signature dishes for Hawthorne’s NY Pizza and Bar restaurants. As Head Chef, he continually develops and expands menu offerings. His signature dishes are tested as weekly specials in each of the restaurants prior to being added to the menu, a menu which is changed once a year, feedback from customers is critical in Carlo’s decisions to add or change menu items. As Directory of Culinary Operations, He travels to each Hawthorne’s NY Pizza and Bar restaurant at least once a week to monitor all sous chefs, pizza cooks, line cooks, and kitchen staff. With the opening of each new Hawthorne’s NY Pizza and Bar, Carlo hires and trains all kitchen staff. Kitchen operations in all Hawthorne’s NY Pizza and Bar restaurants run identically and NC health and food industry codes are followed closely because of Carlo’s hands-on training. His direct involvement with staff is also evident in the low employee turnover rates. Not only does Carlo own four locations of Hawthorne’s NY Pizza and Bar, him and his partners opened up a Mexican inspired grill called Loco Lime and a burger joint called Kickstand. In Loco Lime Carlo has crafted a Mexican inspired menu full of fresh, creative dishes that speak to his Latin roots, and he also developed Kickstand menu which includes gourmet burgers, sandwich, salads, etc. Carlo’s personal dedication to his craft became somewhat of a national testament. During his final year in his culinary education, New York City called all culinary students to help feed emergency personnel during the recovery efforts after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Carlo and many other students and chefs would finish their regular work shifts and then work several more hours at Nino’s Restaurant, which closed during that time to feed emergency personnel free of charge.