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Garden City , NY United States

Charles Robertson runs a precision knife-sharpening business out of Viking Culinary Center, 835 Franklin Avenue in Garden City. Robertson specializes in traditional and Asian knives, fabric/pinking shears and professional hair cutting scissors.

A master cutler is someone whose skills exceed the standards of a manufacturer, Robertson said. "We don't grind unless the knife needs extensive repair," he said. "With years of experience I am accustomed to working with all kinds of knives, whether they are made today or not."

Being a master cutler means knowing these nuances, that the blade angle for an Asian kitchen knife may be 15 degrees while the blade angle for a European knife may be 20 degrees. Another distinction master cutler's know is that scissors used by professional hair salons are made of a more brittle substance than commercial scissors and thus must be handled carefully.

At his shop in Glen Head, Robertson operates a German-made diamond-belt machine to shape and sharpen the cutlery. This extensive process includes buffing and de-burring.

Robertson is an artisan at heart and he strives for perfection on all his jobs.
At the same time, he guarantees next-day turn-around time as long as the knives are dropped off during the week.

All knives lose their edge over time, even if you use a sharpening steel on a regular basis, he said. Periodic sharpening by a professional is necessary to ensure the knives have the proper angle and to make sure the blade maintains its edge longer.

"The kitchen knife is the most important knife in your home but it is the most neglected. Don't let your knife lead a dull life," he said, pun intended.

Seriously, he loves what does because "you see immediate results." 
For information on Robertson's services, contact him at 516-877-1010 or through email at