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Burlington Township, NJ United States

My name is Felipe and I have over 25 years of cooking experience. I have spend time learning from different chefs and have experimented with different foods. I have worked at many different restaurants, hotels and catering facilities. Every boss, partner, family and friend have complemented me on my culinary abilities. I enjoy watching cooking shows and other Chefs, where I often get inspired to create new and exciting dishes. I believe there are 2 very important areas of focus, and they are taste and presentation. I was born in Puerto Rico and came to the United States when I was 16, where my first job was a dishwasher. I moved myself up into the line and that's when I found out that I really love to cook. I worked there 5 years and horned my skills and techniques. As the years went by I found that high level, complicated dishes were easy to me, I then started to create my own dishes that surprised many people in a way. That's when people started to give me opportunities to run restaurants and catering facilities. Many people say have a great talent cooking, that I'm am an artist that should share my talent so that's why I joined This gives me an opportunity share my amazing recipes with others. I hope you like them as much as everyone I have served in the past, especially my son.