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Jakarta, Jakarta barat Indonesia

Chef founder of l'Atelier du Chocolat Jakarta, creator of SHOWCOLAT concept.

  • Chocolate designer at CHOCL'ART

  • founder at SHOWCOLAT Concept

  • Exec. Chef, Chocolate Master, founder. at PT CIPTA KREASI PERSADHA - L'ATELIER DU CHOCOLAT

Press release:

Born in a France, surrounding by chocolate but choose to study electronic (child hobby), management and then Movies and art history, work as movie editor, directed few short movies and video clips, have to back to management until one day he decide to quit everything to back to the Familly business (chocolate) to learn deeper about chocolate, study in Lenotre school and with other chocolatiers, preparing is move to Indonesia to open his own Chocolate shop in Jakarta,

His work and talent bring him international recognition in 2008 by receiving 2 awards and numerous articles all over the world with his 2nd exhibition “MODERNITY”.

Awarded by Chocolate Master Club Int. *: 
“Most creative chocolate master” for “Eromotion collection” and “Modernity” exhibition.
“Guardian of Tradition” for his general work.

(CMCI is a group of Independant Chocolatiers, refusing the use of any ready mix products, only using the finest chocolate couverture and only natural ingredients and producing only by traditional hand made process.)

Above all chocolate is a passion and passion don’t accept any compromise, Traditional hand made process, high quality ingredients, are the way to quality

He refuse to use any ready mixed products, artificial aroma or chemicals for his own production.

Actually preparing a new exhibition in collaboration with Indonesian and international artists whose will surprise you as never about what is it possible to create with chocolate and around chocolate!

Did you try his last creations?
“SATE BALI” a praline with chicken!

A real chicken sate(traditional recipe) and by a miracle he create an amazing praline, not sweet, not salty… just imagine a melting sate deep in a dark chocolate but without have to bite it, as it melt smoothly on your tongue… can be eat as appetizer as well as to accompany a glass of wine.

His friends and family say he his crazy, his staff call him Mat Giver or james bean, they said its hard to have a chef who have an idea per minute and want everything perfect, but they stand for already 9 years with him now...

Everything you dream about made from chocolate!
CHOCOLATE , French CAKES and Petits fours, cookies, jam, candies. 
- Pralines (60 Kinds)
- Liquors
- Truffles
- Chocolate bars, mini chocolate bars, ...
- Chococards and chocolate Frame with edible picture.
- Chocolate Medails.
- Covere coffee beans
- Almond, hazelnuts caramelized, cover with chocolate.
- Chocolate toys.

Pralines, logo, spare parts, objects, figurine, and this from any size!