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Jhonathan E. Rupchand grew up in Suriname, the former Dutch colony which is located on the northeastern coast of South America. He grew up speaking the Dutch language as well as English. He and his family migrated from Suriname in 2002 to New York City. As a child growing up he treasured being in the kitchen and learning all he could there. As a teenager Chef Jhonathan loved the Food Network channel, fascinated by the flames and the sizzling of the food. Inspired by the cooking techniques, he was always motivated to research recipes and give them a little twist, making them his own. Chef Jhonathan also excelled as a student in the impressive Culinary Arts training and externship programs at the innovative City-As-School High School in New York City. In his first professional years in the kitchen, Chef Jhonathan interned as apprentice chef for New York Torch Club (2005), Ouest Restaurant (2006, 2007), Bakery Soutine (2006), Brasserie 8 1/2 (2007), and Café Boulud (2007). His longest internship was at Ouest, one of the finest restaurants on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. At Ouest he learned excellent cooking techniques, and benefited from the instruction of its famous executive chef, Tom Valenti. Tom and his staff taught him the skills he needed to improve in all aspects of the culinary arts. He also got the chance to meet the celebrity chef Bobby Flay when he came to film a show at Ouest with Tom Valenti. Chef Jhonathan created a personal & private chef service in 2008 called Kitchen for All Seasons, through which he brings a fine dining experience into the home and freely shares his knowledge of food with those who wish to enhance their everyday enjoyment of food preparation. Chef Jhonathan had the opportunity to be the Executive Chef at the Montauk Manor Hotel in Montauk, New York. He was praised in the Montauk Pioneer Magazine (2009) as “the youngest chef” at age 21, and also was rated favorably in the Southampton Press (2009). Chef Jhonathan is was the Executive Chef at Setlight’s Seafood Grill & Oysters on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where he is using his knowledge to bring to the table an extraordinary Contemporary French Cuisine with Southern France influence. His menu will change every month with new modern twists and fresh seasonal ingredients. Chef Jhonathan is passionate about preparing delicious and healthy food, and he is very serious about his cooking techniques. He is currently working on a cookbook titled “A Taste of France,” coming soon.