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Hafnarfjordur, Iceland

Pastry Chef Jon Arilíuss was born and raised in Breidholt, Iceland and he already had a passion for baking at the age of ten. He used to bake for his dad’s bridge buddies when they came over to the house. He constantly tried to outdo himself and his cakes became impressive especially for such a young boy. When he turned 19 he went to Denmark to become a pastry chef and after his studies he returned to Iceland and got a pastry chef position at the prestigious Perlan restaurant, Reykjavik, Iceland he worked there for 5 years. He finally made his dream turn into reality and open his own bakery. His bakery, Kokulist is in downtown Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. He makes everything from a simple but delicious chocolate cookie to fancy wedding cakes and his patronage come from all over Reykjavik because Chef Jon treats his local and loyal costumers like family.

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