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San Francisco, CA United States

Justin was introduced to cooking by a french woman in college he was room mates with. She opened his eyes to a whole new world and helped him develop the gourmet common sense that Americans so often lack. Justin's next step was to attend California Culinary Academy where he was able to mold himself into a real world chef. He then continued on to New York City to train with some really hardcore chefs at L'Absinthe. Since then he moved to Connecticut for several years to take the role as sous chef for some fine dining restaurants. Justin now lives in San Francisco where he has been working at Top end restaurants as sous chef or line cook whatever gets him in the door so he can keep learning. Justin is one of those people that is more than capable of leading or owning his own food service establishment but refuses to with the idea that he can still learn more and more and more...Justin is currently working for Bix.