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Manawa, WI United States

I found my desire to enter the culinary industry while growing up. My family, like many, revolves around food. Both my grandfather and my father where food service specialists in the national guard. They gave me a sense of pride and tradition in preparing food for other people. After graduating high school, I debated enlisting for food service, or going to school for culinary arts. I decided to pursue the later. Soon I enrolled at Fox Valley Technical College, in Appleton WI for degrees in Culinary Arts and Hotel and Restaurant Management. I had a rough time getting my foot in the door, and finding a job at a business that is both stable and enjoyable for me to work at. After I tested the waters at a few different establishments, I learned the hard way where I would didn't want to work. I then got an amazing job. While being unemployed, my current bosses wife emailed me saying that her husband was looking for staff. I quickly jumped on the opportunity, and was hired the day before my 21st birthday. I am currently working as a caterer and enjoying work, if you can call it that, every single day.