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Reykjavik, 101 Iceland

Chef Kirill Ter-Martirosov graduated from Hotel and Veitingaskolinn, Iceland in 2011 but he has already had an impressive career. Only 22 years old, but has been in the restaurant business for 6 years and has worked at the most popular and innovative restaurants Iceland. He got his training at Silfur restaurant, from there he moved on to help start the very popular Fish Market, Reykjavik, Iceland. He demonstrated skill and dexterity with the knife and quickly worked his way to become the sushi master at the Fish Market.

Summer of 2011 he moved from the Fish Market to help start the Grill Market, one of the trendiest restaurants in Reykjavik, Iceland. Chef Kirill Ter-Martirosov is currently a sous chef at the Grill Market.