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Chicago, IL United States

You could consider cooking an innate calling for Chef Mark Wright. As a young child, Mark was always in the kitchen watching his mom cook. Aware that he wanted to get in on the action, Chef’s mother allowed him to try his hand at making new dished for the family and let her son’s imagination and future career take him away. Years later, Mark got his first restaurant job as a short order cook in his hometown of Chicago. With a passion for the behind-the-scenes speed and intensity of a kitchen. Mark quickly decided that he wanted to make more money then this career was going to pay so he decided to go into Computer Programming. Spending 4 years in college working in a restaurant on campus as a cook he graduated and went to work for a insurance firm writing software. He soon discovered that the money he sought after was not there, so he decided to work for a trading firm. The money was there now but he still was not happy. A friend noticed Mark’s cooking talents and thought it was a good idea for him to go to culinary school.
Upon completion of culinary school he worked for Chef Cupoto at Bin 36 as a line cook, where a night of 250 covers was not unusual. He learned everything he could working at a larger restaurant, working every station. After working there for a year an opportunity presented itself to run his own kitchen for a restaurant in Oak Park. It was a wine bar called Oak park Abbey, a new concept to the area. At this restaurant he learned the most about the business from how to plan menus, private parties, ordering, managing staff and taking food to the next level. 
Working there for two years the owner decided to sell the restaurant, Chef Mark stayed on as the chef and worked with them to develop a new concept and menu for their restaurant.
Chef Mark's philosophy about Cooking has always been “Cooking is and always will be a mixture of art and science. One of the things I love best about being a chef is the constant challenge to adapt and advance what was previously considered ‘the best there is.’ There is no recipe in the world that you can follow like a playbook when you’re striving to bring out optimal flavor from the freshest & "finest ingredients. Everyday Chef Mark strives to make each dish and each presentation a unique experience.