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Chef Steve Mendoza hails from the small farming community of Oakdale, California. Located in California’s Central San Juaquin Valley, Oakdale has a varied ethnic background that is made up of farmers, cattlemen, dairy farms and cannery workers that feed the nation. Steve is the only child of a butcher and a baker that without his knowing, gave him the tools that a versatile chef needs to be a cut above the rest. (Bad pun intended.) With a love of all foods and the skills imparted by his parents, Steve set off as a dishwasher at the age of 15. “This was my first taste of the business. I saw the cooks just rock the place. Giving orders left and right and pushing people around. It made me forget about becoming a rock star for a while.” At an early age Steve could be found watching the likes of Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Martin Yan and Lydia Bostianich. (For whom he would later work as a Sous Chef) Cartoons weren’t his first Saturday morning choice. It was the cooking shows on PBS and the local chefs that were his entertainment. These shows, thanks to the Food Network, are still daily parts of his continued need for learning about all things related to food. Some people have cloths shopping fetishes, this chef could spend all day shopping… for food. In his professional life, Steve has learned the ins and outs of 15 styles of cooking from around the world. His versatility and knack for different food combinations is unmatched. He has cooked for a president, music super stars, big name actors, business executives and many other notable people from San Francisco to New York. While most chefs look at who they have cooked for to define them, Steve is a humble, hard working country boy that believes every plate that leaves his kitchen should be the best that it can be made. “There are no VIPs in my book.” A book, by the way, that he just happens to be working on at the moment. The book will include stories about the many celebrity chefs and respected top chefs that he has had the pleasure to work for and with. There will also be stories of the fun times along the way, including burns, cuts and practical jokes. While the past 15 years have been fun and informative, they have also taken a toll on the 38 year old body that was in pretty bad shape to begin with. There is a need to share the knowledge with as many friends as can be made through cooking and showing that anyone can do it. The Chef, through snarky humor and the regular guy image, will share all that he is and has to offer by sharing a lifetime of food knowledge with anyone who asks.