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Hello ~ My name is Tamara Madjerian. I am from Los Angeles California, I have lived here my entire life. I have always had a passion for cooking and it comes very natural to me (I credit that mostly to being Armenian). I started young in the since I was five years old, and being Armenian, obviously I can cook our food, but also have been exposed to many other cuisine. I have never really traveled so I try to do it through my pallet, so to speak. Making it a point to try to work in as many cuisine as I can, I currently have experience in Vegan, Vegetarian, Mexican, Spanish, Italian (northern and southern), Armenian, American, and some Chinese and Japanese all with out even leaving LA! I have original recipes and some (what I like to call) "Ta-modified" (Tamara modified it) recipes. Being a cook as long as I have its impossible for me to "stick" to the recipe 100%. My passion is to be in front of a camera, talking to the world, teaching people how to cook. I have been practicing this since I was a little kid the way most little girls grab a brush and sing (ok, I did that too=) I currently have a channel on YouTube called Tamara Madjerian. It has been doing well and I can only hope I branch out to as many people as fast as possible. Through this wonderful new website,, I have a chance. Please visit my YouTube channel at this link and let me know what you think. Bon Apetite'