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Madera, CA United States

Hi, I'm Chef Tommy Hill. I was born in Fresno California in 1969 and that is still where I live today although I have had my adventures as a chef in both the San Francisco bay area and in Napa County. I think someday I would like to write a book about those days. I opened a catering company in late 2000 and hit it big in 2005 when the boom was in full force but then as always all good things must end in 2006 the bottom fell out of the California economy and it all fell apart.

I kept my catering company open doing smaller jobs or anything els i could get my hands on. I enrolled in culinary school because I always wanted to be able to say that I do have a culinary degree..... And I do !

Now here we are in 2012. life is good, my boys TJ  & Connor are  12 & 10 and they are what makes this hole thing worth doing it for. I am  the Executive Chef and Director of dinning services at Cedar Creek Senior Living Home in my home town of Madera Ca. I still have a great passion for food and cooking. I have a very compitent brigade of chefs and prep cooks by my side and a management team that i am proud to be a part of.

If you are ever in Madera come by and see me.