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Bangkok, Thailand

Wan Hertz learned how to carve wood, and coconuts from her grandmother when she was 7 years old. When she was 8 years old, she won her first art competition, winning a watercolor art contest in Thailand. At 12, she learned how to carve fruits & vegetables. She then attended Kasetsart University in Khon Kaen studying culinary arts for 3 years.

Wan was featured on the International English speaking TV News station Channel NewsAsia, the Taste of Life Cooking Show in Holland hosted by Dutch Celebrity Chef Rudolpf von Veem, and the Heny Sison TV cooking show “Heny’s Kitchen”. Wan was also featured in local magazines, such as Expat Travel & Lifestyle, Ensure magazine, Zest Airlines In-Flight magazine, The Philippine Enquirer, Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, Dine Asia magazine, Shakers & Movers magazine, Business Week, and others.

Wan currently teaches in Thailand at the Siam Carving Academy, she and her team of carvers are available for on-site training in many countries.

Some of Wan’s former students include Singaporean Chef of the Year, Ambrose Poe; former president of the American Culinary Federation, Richard Arnold, as well as many other chefs, caterers, and individuals from around the world.

Wan studied culinary arts at the Institute of Technology Pranakorn. In 2005 she attended the Kasetsart University taking advanced classes in Food Syling, Food Sanitation, Restaurant Management & Royal Thai Cuisine.

Wan has also studied advanced techniques in Fruit & Vegetable Carving with some of the most talented carvers in Thailand.

As a master carver, Wan is much sought after. She has appeared on numerous international television programs, in magazines and newspapers. Master carver Wan appeared on television in the Philippines, on ABS CBN, Channel NewsAsia, “Taste of Life Show” with Celebrity Chef Rudolph von Veem, and the “Heny Sison Cooking Show” (Henys Kitchen). Click here to see more

Magazines which have published articles about her include: Asia Wine & Cuisine magazine; Expat Travel & Lifestyle magazine; Ensure Magazine; Zest Airlines in-flight magazine; Dine Asia magazine; Philippine Enquirer newspaper; Philippine Business World magazine; Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine; Shakers & Movers, & The Bangkok Trader.

Wan has taught top chefs such as the Singapore’s Chef of The Year Ambrose Poh, Richard Arnold Executive Chef & past President of the American Culinary Federation.

A Gold Medal was awarded to Wan in 1996 from Salon Culinaire in a Worldwide Fruit & Vegetable Carving Competition. She was also the first place winner in the Brazilian Watermelon Carving Cup in 2008.

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