Cake Pops

Date Added: Aug 19, 2011 American Desserts
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Prep Time

40 mins

Cook Time

0 mins

Ready In

40 mins



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They are called cake balls, cake pops or cakesicles and they are the latest trend in dessert treats. You can decorate them for any occasion! You bake a cake, tear it into fine crumbs, stir in something to hold it all together, roll it into balls and dip into chocolate.


  • ½  Each Chocolate Cake ( 8' round cake )
  • 1
  • 1/2  Cup(s) Frosting
  • 2
  • 12  Fluid ounce(s) Chocolate, melted
  • 3



    1. Mix cake and frosting, be careful not to add too much frosting.
    2. It's easiest to use a food processor, but you can use a fork for this step. Break up the cake into crumbs and then combine the frosting with the cake. If you're doing this using a fork, it's easier to do it while the cake is still warm.
    3. Roll cake Mix into approximately 1 to 1.5 inch balls. You can use a scoop for uniform sizing.
    4. The cake Mix is ready when the Mix doesn't stick to your fingers when you make the balls.
    5. Place spoonful of melted chocolate onto wax paper to create a base.
    6. Now take a cake ball and dip the tip of one end into melted chocolate and let sit for couple of minutes.
    7. Dip lollipop stick into melted chocolate and stick into a cake ball that is sitting on the base. This will prevent the cake balls from sliding off the lollipop stick.
    8. Now the cake balls are ready to be dipped into the melted chocolate and when you do so just make sure you cover the cake ball completely.
    9. If you think your chocolate base is too big, you can carve the base with a sharp knive.



    You can Mix and match cake and icing. You can use cream cheese instead of frosting and you can add some crumbled Oreo cookies into the Mix for more interesting flavor and texture.  If you want to go the extra mile, cake balls can be rolled in nuts, sprinkles, coconut or double dipped in white and dark chocolates.


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