Caramel Sauce

Date Added: Jul 14, 2010 American Sauces
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Prep Time

3 mins

Cook Time

25 mins

Ready In

28 mins



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Fresh Caramel Sauce, goes great with any dessert. Serve it with Katarzyna's Bread Pudding.


  • 2  Cup(s) Sugar
  • 1
  • 1  Cup(s) Water
  • 2
  • 2  Cup(s) Heavy Cream
  • 3


    1. In a sauce pot, add water amd carefully add sugar in the middle
    2. Do not get sugar on the side of the pot
    3. Bring to a boil then simmer until you have reached an amber color
    4. Add the heavy cream to stop the caramelization and whisk until smooth
    5. Serve warm with your favorite dessert

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