Grilled Salmon with Carrot Sauce Parsley Root Puree and Mango Cucumber Marmalade

Date Added: May 23, 2012 Scandinavian Entrees
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Prep Time

15 mins

Cook Time

1 hrs 30 mins

Ready In

1 hrs 45 mins



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Watch Chef Doddi prepare salmon like they do it at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. He serves the salmon with a very flavorful carrot sauce, parsley root puree and fresh mango cucumber marmalade. This sounds complex but you will be surprised to see that you can do this at home after watching the video.


  • 4  Ounce(s) Weight Salmon
  • 1
  •  As Needed Olive oil
  • 2
  •  To Taste Salt and Pepper
  • 3


    1. Season salmon with salt and pepper.
    2. Saute in a hot pan just one side for 1.5 minute.
    3. Finish in a 160 C or 350 F hot oven for 3 minutes.
    4. Serve with Carrot Sauce, Parsley Root Puree and Mango Cucumber Marmalade.
    5. Enjoy!




    Mango Cucumber Marmalade


  • 1/2 Cup(s) Shallot, minced
  • 1/2 Cup(s) White wine vinegar
  • 1 Cup(s) Water
  • 1/2 Cup(s) Cucumber, diced
  • 1/2 Cup(s) Mango, diced
  • Directions

    1. In a small pot, add shallots, vinegar and water.
    2. Let reduce on a medium heat for about one hour or until shallots turn golden brown.
    3. Cool.
    4. Add cucumbers and mango.
    5. Mix and serve!


    Parsley Root Puree


  • 1 Cup(s) Parsley Root, diced
  • 1 Cup(s) Cream
  • To Taste Salt and pepper
  • Directions

    1. In a small pot add parsley root and cream.
    2. Add salt and pepper to taste.
    3. Simmer on a medium heat for approximately 45 minutes or until the parsley root becomes soft.
    4. Drain of the cream (and set aside for the carrot sauce).
    5. Puree the parsley root with a handheld blender until smooth.
    6. For a silky smooth texture put mixture thru a sieve.
    7. Serve and enjoy!



    Carrot Sauce


  • 1 Cup(s) Carrot juice
  • 1 Cup(s) Cream
  • ½ Each Lime
  • To Taste Salt and pepper
  • ½ Tea Spoon(s) Xanthan gum or Gelatin leave
  • Directions

    1. In a small pot add cream and carrot juice and simmer over medium heat.
    2. Add juice from half a lime.
    3. Mix.
    4. When the sauce starts to boil add the xanthan gum.
    5. Stir and once the sauce starts to thicken it is ready.
    6. For a fancy plating effect you can put the sauce in a whipped cream dispenser and serve.

    *For more intense flavor you can use the left over cream from the parsley root puree

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