Date Added: Sep 3, 2010 French Baking and Pastry
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Prep Time

7 mins

Cook Time

0 mins

Ready In

7 mins



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To make Chef Brad's Meringue you need to beat your egg whites to a soft and stiff peak. The technique for making Meringue is used in many baking dishes as well as souffles. The amount of sugar my vary based on the recipe.


  • 10  Each Egg Whites
  • 1
  •  Cup(s) Granulated Sugar
  • 2


    1. Start with a clean large bowl, make sure the bowl is free of any water or oil
    2. Using a wire whisk or a hand held mixer, whisk the egg whites to incorporate air
    3. Once eggs start to turn a frothy color, start adding the sugar slowly while continuously whisking
    4. Keep whisking until you reach a soft or stiff peak, the meringue should look frothy and thick
    5. The longer you whisk, the stiffer the meringue will get, depending on what your recipe requires

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