Basic Tomato sauce: A Mother Sauce

Date Added: Dec 7, 2009 Italian Sauces
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Prep Time

10 mins

Cook Time

20 mins

Ready In

30 mins



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This is a basic tomato sauce that can be used in many recipes. It is a neutral sauce that can be used with meat, fish and vegetarian cuisines. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN CLASSIC ITALIAN SEASONINGS FOR THAT REASON.


  • 3  Each Garlic, Cloves
  • 1
  • 1  Each Onion, Medium
  • 2
  • 2  Table Spoon(s) Olive oil
  • 3
  • 58  Fluid ounce(s) Tomato Puree
  • 4
  •  To Taste Salt and Pepper
  • 5


    1. Lay garlic on a cutting board and press with the flat side of Knife to remove the skin, mince.
    2. Cut the core out of the onion and small dice.
    3. Sweat the onions and garlic in the olive oil.
    4. Add the Tomato Puree and simmer for 20 Minutes.
    5. Season with Salt and Pepper.

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