How To Make Gum Paste Rose

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Prep Time

30 mins

Cook Time

0 mins

Ready In

30 mins



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Follow Pastry Chef Chad Durkin in this video and learn how to make a gum paste rose.


  •  As Needed Gumpaste
  • 1
  •  As Needed Cornstarch
  • 2
  •  As Needed Egg white (to glue rose pedals)
  • 3


    1. While working with Gumpaste, keep the unused portions and any scraps well covered under saran wrap.
    2. Start by rolling out gumpaste approximately 1/8 of inch thick.
    3. The first step to making the rose is the base. Roll a small ball of gumpaste with your hands and form into a teardrop shape, with a flat plastic tool make half of the teardrop flat, like a flap and roll it around the rest if the base
    4. Cut out 2 small circles and soften top half of circle (petal edge) with ball tool on thin foam. Make a pedal shape as shown in video. Wrap the 2 petals around base and glue it with little bit of water or egg white
    5. For the next layer of the rose, cut a set of 3 medium circles and work them the same way as the first two. Now attach a second row of 3 petals.
    6. For the next layer of the rose, cut a set of 5 large circles and work them the same way as before. Now attach the third row of 5 petals.
    7. This completes the rose and it takes about 48 hrs for the rose to completely dry.

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