Sugar Garnish

Date Added: Mar 23, 2010 Cooking Techniques Desserts
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Prep Time

5 mins

Cook Time

5 mins

Ready In

10 mins



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Sugar basket, sugar straw, and abstract garnish makes a beautiful presentation for plated desserts


  •  As Needed Isomalt Sugar
  • 1
  •  As Needed Food Coloring
  • 2


    1. Take Isomlat sugar and place into saute pan on medium heat
    2. The sugar will start to melt, make sure to watch it, do not walk away
    3. Once the sugar is melted, add any color food coloring you prefer
    4. Take pan off the heat and let sugar rest for 2 minutes
    5. Sugar Basket: take a bowl, spray with non-stick spray. With a fork dip into sugar shake the sugar into the bowl to create a spider web pattern. let cool and unmold
    6. Sugar Straw: take two wooden handles and place them a foot a part, with a fork dip into sugar and beat the fork back and forth against the two handles to create thin streams of sugar.
    7. Garnish: take parchement paper or a silpat, take the fork and dip into sugar, swirl sugar into designs onto the parchment paper, let cool and unmold.

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